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Who we are?

Round Table 1 Sofia is the oldest Round Table organization in Bulgaria. Chartered in October 1993 the organization has a long a pound history. Our members have been part of many international meeting and have visited as well as hosted numerous Round Table events. 

The club has also had to deal with difficulties over the years. As in the beginning of the new century RT1 could not gather new members while the active ones were slowly reaching their 40s –  the age of retirement – the club stopped existing for a while. However, after the active contribution of some Club 41 members and the support of RT5 Varna and RT3 Plovdiv, RT1 Sofia was re-chartered in October 2020 with ten new members, resurrecting the tradition and the spirit of Round Table in the country capital.

Currently Round Table 1 Sofia has 12 active members who meet twice a month to work on various social initiatives and exchanging ideas in the spirit of Round Tables Motto: Adopt, Adapt, Improve. This means adopting the given situation and the methods that have proven to be working in the past, adapting the situation to the changing needs of time and, where possible, improving the situation, themselves and the people around them.

“No strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet!”

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