About the project

The Christmas gift convoy brings presents for needy children in remote and rural areas in Eastern Europe. There is one basic idea at the center: children helping children. We are very much looking forward to bringing a gift from you and many other lovingly packed Christmas presents to orphanages, hospitals, institutions for the disabled, kindergartens and schools this year. In December we – the helpers of Round Table, Ladies’ Circle, Old Table and Tangent Club together with many other supporters – will set out for Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. Over 1.2 Million presents since the initiation of the project in 2001 to be exact.


A very special magic surrounds the Christmas season: laughing children, shining eyes, moments of joy. The Christmas parcel convoy and all its helpers have the goal to let as many children as possible share in this magic.
Kindergarten and school children in Germany (with the support of their parents) pack a gift for another child. During the Christmas season, they learn a lot about the importance of sharing, giving and being given gifts – and can learn and experience for themselves the joy of being able to help.
We take these Christmas gifts to orphanages, hospitals, institutions for the disabled, kindergartens and schools in the poorest, most remote and rural regions of Eastern Europe. For many of the children there, it is the only gift they receive at Christmas. The gesture of affection contained in these lovingly packed gifts reaches the needy children directly and fills their hearts with surprise and joy, leaving hardly a dry eye or a closed heart in the hearts of the passengers and participants. We make children’s eyes light up!


The heart of the convoy is not the number of gifts, but every single laughing child, the shining eyes, the Christmas spirit and pure joy that fills the room in these moments and during the unwrapping.

The idea is that children actively and consciously participate in the package. In return, they give a well-preserved, functional toy of themselves. Because shortly before Christmas, every child is already looking forward to their Christmas presents. But at the schools and kindergartens we know, it’s different: Here, children pack presents! Because they don’t just want to be given presents, they also want to give presents to other children who are not doing so well.


But the convoy also lives from the commitment of all the helpers who make the Christmas parcel convoy possible in the first place. This dedication is reflected in countless small details: Throughout Germany, we are always on the lookout for new schools and kindergartens to pack Christmas parcels. To do this, we approach them personally and distribute flyers. Each individual gift then has to be collected and packed into outer boxes.

People all over Germany lend a hand:

  • Wrapping gifts
  • Coordinate collection points
  • Load trucks
  • Donating vehicles
  • supplying the teams with food & drinks
  • countless working hours
  • Preparation of customs documents
  • parcel hospital
  • Travel to the destination countries as driver and helper
  • Distribution of the parcels on site

Our network of countless friends and helpers is wholeheartedly involved and makes all this possible.